Far East Secrets of Skincare

There are literally dozens of skincare secrets that have been used in ancient times for centuries that have seemingly vanished from today’s health and wellness options for skin and body. Aromatherapy and essential oils are only recently making a resurgence. (For daily skincare updates follow us on twiiter, facebook, pinterest, googleplus and our weekly blog: www.newskinradiance.com/blog )

Ayurvedic Medicine was first employed in India, this natural herbal method of healing the body, not only the skin is thousands of years old. Formed around the tenets that a body’s constitution and skin’s type drives the best diets, ingredients and lifestyle habits based around being kapha, vata or pitta type constitutions. Making the correct choices based on your physiology will improve circulation, your metabolism and overall health and wellbeing. New Radiance products employ a variety of Far East skincare secrets and bring them to the modern world for all to enjoy.

Essential oils have been parts of health regimes all over the world for thousands of years. While thoughts of lavendar, peppermint, eucalyptus, jasmine, thyme come to mind and we can easily be transported back to prior memories growing up, of visiting a spa or somewhere nice. Essential Oils that form part of existing High Quality Skincare products are selected on their properties and what we are trying to achieve.

So, the selection of a high quality oil suited for the task and not settling for poor grade options. The anti-aging and skin beautifying benefits of essential oils when used correctly work in the following ways:

  1. Stimulating faster skin cell turnover (reducing the time lag between new cell growth and elimination of old ones)
  2. Strengthening skin and making it stronger and more resilient (this happens over time)
  3. Preventing the congestion of toxins by improving the elimination of waste
  4. Improving lymphatic flow and circulation which then in turn improves the oxygenation and energization of the dermis
  5. Balancing the rate of sebum production/ skin pH abnormalities
  6. Bactericidal activity to neutralize microbe presence on the Skin’s Surface
  7. Anti-inflammatory to calm sensitive skin and more

Beyond longterm benefits to the skin the selection of a mood calming and relaxing essential Oils like lavender, chamomile, rosemary, eucalyptus & jasmine have powerful de-stressing effects on the mood, such as reducing tension and improving our sense of wellbeing.

Important Note: Essential Oils have different capabilities and not all are safe for use. Many are only for external use. Please do not attempt to concoct or modify your skincare products through the addition of potentially harmful doses or types of oils based on expectations of improved benefits. New Radiance Products and other professional skincare products containing essential oils are especially designed and manufactured under strict supervision and care by qualified cosmetologists and government regulation. All Essential Oils used are of highest quality.